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Acute Care Medicine: A Modern Perspective for Providers

By July 2, 2017 October 14th, 2017 No Comments

Prevent Life Threatening Delays

Break the constraints of traditional medicine by challenging your perception of acute care. Historically healthcare systems limit themselves by utilizing disease and symptoms to determine medical services. A more accurate and relevant determinate is the variable of time or urgency. Acute care medicine spans over a variety of different emergency and urgent care environments.

Encompassing Services

The image below illustrates the overlap of services under our variable method. As you can see acute care encompasses a wide range of medical services. Providers from diverse backgrounds must be properly educated and trained on acute care practices to limit life threatening delays.

The Influence of Time

According to publications from The World Health Organization both preventative and curative medical interventions are more effective when the variable of time is considered. If the variable of time, which is seen as a hallmark of acute care, is overlooked when approaching curative medicine life threatening delays may result.