Emergency Medicine CME - Clinical & Practical

Earn Respect!

We get it.  It sucks to go to your attending doc with clinical uncertainty. It’s painful when you can’t put the picture together with patient presentation, labs, EKG and images.  We want to earn the authentic respect of our attendings, hospitalists, the nurses and, most importantly, the patients.

We get it.  The Emergency Medicine Institute conference series will provide you with cutting-edge insights to increase your confidence and competence.

We get it. You have to stay out of trouble medical-legally.  We incorporate med-mal defense within the curriculum.

This will be the best CME program you have ever attended or you will receive a full refund!

If, at the end of day 1, you don’t feel this is the most effective and practical CME program you have ever attended, turn in your resources and we will refund you.  

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Join the New Era of Innovation in Emergency Medicine

At EMI, we know medicine is a calling. We are driven to earn the respect of our attendings, hospitalists, nurses and, most importantly, our patients.
That is why we ignite transformative clinical thinking.  
We teach medicine to those who strive for clinical excellence, who are courageous and tenacious in lifelong learning.
Driven by an energetic, engaging drive and a pledge for extraordinary patient care, we ignite your passion for learning and retaining information so you will have the answers and champion the best results as you care for your patients.

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A podcast where experts in emergency medicine talk about their experiences, case studies and hot topics.

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All of our EMI programs will be held over a 4 day period for 20 hours. Please see each conference page for specific details regarding Accreditation and Certification status.